10 Tips For Accepting Oneself

Now we're no professionals, but many of us here have, in some way, battled negative body image, and difficulties just being ourselves.

We're super passionate about celebrating all body types, resisting comparison and collectively working towards a diet-culture free world!

This being said, what better way to launch our new blog than pop some helpful tips below for any of you who may feel the same way! 👇 


1. Follow and surround yourself with people who make you feel confident and good about yourself! 👯‍♀️ 

We  know this isn't always possible, but if you can make extra time for those who lift you up it can make such a big difference. 

2. Make your social media bubble more diverse.  🤳

If you spend a bit too much time on instagram and tiktok (like us!), it's always good to follow a wide range of different bodies and people that represent everyone. (Our current fave: 📸 @alexlight_ldn)

3. Start with small affirmations if you find it difficult at first.  💕

We know how daunting and a struggle it can be at first to say you accept/love your body. So start small! Find and celebrate those little things you like, e.g. your eyelashes or legs.

4. Exercise in a way that you enjoy. 💪

Exercise should be something that releases endorphins and makes you feel better about yourself, not a way to punish you! Find the movement that you enjoy, even just a small dog walk everyday.

5. Stop comparing yourself. 🪞

This is one of the most important ones and also one of the hardest. But remember there is only one YOU and that is your beauty. We are NOT meant to all look the same! (Our number 2 tip can help with this too.)

6. Post-it affirmations for a daily reminder of your favourite things about yourself! 💌

This can be about anything from your body to just little things about who you are. Stick these somewhere you will see everyday! 

7. Challenge the negative thoughts about yourself. 💭

Whenever you have a negative thought, ask yourself why. Maybe something else is causing you stress/making you upset and it's having a knock on effect. It's always a good idea to talk to someone about anything that's causing you to feel like this. 

8. Focus on what your body CAN do. 🤗

Think about all the amazing things your body does without even thinking about it! E.g. your legs walking you around, or your lungs breathing for you. 

9. Say Thank You to compliments! 🙏

Next time someone says something nice about you, accept it and thank them instead of shrugging it off! This seems small but can go a long way to how you feel about yourself. 

10. Criticising yourself and your body won't change a thing. 🌷

No matter how negative you talk and act towards your body, it will still be your body! So why not start the journey to acceptance? You've got nothing to lose! 


These tips have really helped with our experiences and hopefully will make a difference for you too! Have any more you'd like to share? Feel free to drop us a DM, we'd love to hear from you ♥️ 

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