We love getting requests for new air fresheners on Instagram, so have officially decided to open for submissions!

Have a killer idea for a new freshener? Submit it using the form below, and if your design is chosen, you could bag 5 free air fresheners (including the winning product!)*

Please be sure to read the submission t's and c's below the form!

Submissions Terms and Conditions:
If multiple people have submitted the same design idea, the first person who suggested it will win the 5 free air fresheners. The 5 free air fresheners will be sent once the winning design arrives in stock. The remaining 4 fresheners will be chosen at random. The gifted air freshener offer may be withdrawn at any time, at the digression of Native 21 Ltd. | By submitting your idea, you are granting permission for Native 21 Ltd to include this in our product range, valid from the date of submission and with no expiry. The same design submission may be used across multiple products. | Submissions may be put to a vote before being sent to production | Submissions which are already in the works will not be eligible for the prize.