But what do our car air fresheners SMELL like? Over to head scent scientist Mike, to tell us more! 🧪👨🏻‍🔬 ##fyp ##smallbusiness ##carairfresheners

♬ original sound - Nicole


 Squeaky Clean 

As fresh as the day you bought your cherished motor. That new car smell, can't beat it!

 Cold As Ice 

Think hot Tinder date. Yeah he might be a f*ckboy, but he does smell fiiiiineeee. 

 Gold Digger 

We're getting total '£100 per spritz cologne' vibes with Gold Digger. Oh hey Christian Grey! 💰 

 Cake My Day 

Vanilla Slice, Victoria Sponge, Fairy Cakes, this scent is good enough to eat (but please don't, ya girl doesn't wanna get sued). 🍰 

 Silky Draws 

Light and fresh scent that takes you right to the beach bar. (Or not, y'know, lockdown red list) 💔🏝  

 Apple Bottom Jeans 

Well it doesn't smell like Strawberries put it that way. This one reminds us of sunny festival days with a pint of cold cider in hand, sweet and tangy scent but lovely and fresh, too. 🍏 

 Mary Berries 

Think Theresa May running through a field of wheat, but it's not wheat, it's mixed summer berries. Nice n' fruity scent for the summertime!